Who we are

LOE Ltd was started in 1975 by Hiroshi Kato, a self-described ‘pseudo Japanese pop star looking for new horizons’. In a one-room office rented from Paul McCartney’s Greek Street Soho enterprise, LOE came into being as the London-Orient Express. Along the way it has been known as Love Of East and Life On Earth before finally becoming – and applying – Logic of Everything.   

In anything we consult on, we abide by three principles:

  1. We are radical but reliable.
  2. We apply logic and common sense to all our projects.
  3. We approach every new venture with experience but without preconceptions.

Because of our organic approach LOE has developed in many interesting and creative directions, mostly within the realm of the arts. Over the years LOE has built a solid reputation for making projects happen, whether within music, fashion, or media, and particularly projects which link the UK and Japan. Our international network of clients has featured: the Royal College of Art, Panasonic, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC TV, Channel 4, Michael Nyman, John Williams, MTV, Hiroko Koshino, London Symphony Orchestra, and many more.

From co-ordinating classical, contemporary, and pop music sessions in London recording studios to producing the 'Eclipse Masterclasses' in educational institutions around the world; from licensing broadcasting programmes and publications to consulting the renowned Japanese fashion designer and artist Hiroko Koshino on her international activities, LOE brings logic, creativity and expertise to every facet of its activities.