Production & Masterclass



LOE produces and coordinates live performances of contemporary and classic repertoire

Hiroko Koshino - 2016 - Produced and directed the music for the designer and artist's bi-annual Tokyo Collection (since 2007) and annual Paris Exhibition / Art Installation

Benefit CD “Symbiosis” - 2014 - Produced a compilation of original compositions by contemporary music composers such as Taro Iwashiro, Dai Fujikura, Milika Kishino, Ken Ueno, Wataru Miyakawa, Yoichi Sugiyama, Hideki Kozakura, Tetsuya Yamamoto and Deborah Pritchard, all performed by violin duo RETORICA to raise funds for the creation of a memorial cenotaph in Usuiso District, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

March 2014 - Produced “Fukushima Music Bonds” concert in Koriyama City, Japan to launch the benefit CD “Symbiosis”.

Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai - 2010 - Coordinated the sound reinforcement for the performance of  new contemporary composition “En Arché” by Maestro Ivan Fedele, conducted by Maestro Marco Angius and performed by Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai with the guest violinist Maestro Francesco D’Orazio and the guest soprano Maestra Valentina Coladonato, utilising “Eclipse Time Domain” speaker systems

Shanghai International Arts Festival - 2007 - Produced “Anomalous Duality: Quintessential Shanghai Odyssey ~ HIROKO KOSHINO entwines MICHAEL NYMAN”, a unique event fusing music, fashion and dance

Mostar Blues Festival - 2007 - Coordinated the 5th festival in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - 2006 - Produced “LS460 Master Class” pops concert at the Cadogan Hall

Michael Nyman - 2006 - Produced concert “Enlightened Japan” in Toji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

John Williams & Richard Harvey - 2006 - Coordinated Singapore concert in conjunction with Singapore Arts Festival, utilising “Eclipse Time Domain” speaker systems.

Asian 21st Century Orchestra - 2005 - Coordinated concert conducted by Kimbo Shii-Eto at Aichi Art Theatre Concert Hall, Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya Philharmonic Pops Orchestra - 2005 - Coordinated “The Summer Pops Concert” at Aichi Expo Dome and Nagoya Civic Hall, Japan, featuring the Eimer Quintet

Michael Nyman’s Italian concert tour - 2005 - Coordinated utilising “Eclipse Time Domain” speaker system

Royal Academy of Music - 2005 - produced “English Virtuosi” concert at the Princess Hall Miyabi, Hana Horticultural Festival, Gifu, Japan

Royal Academy of Music - 2003 - Co-produced the “Mainly New, The Music of Edwin Roxburgh” with Professor Milton Mermikides BSc. BMus. MPhil

Rinken Band - 2001 - Coordinated Rinken Band’s performance for "Japan 2001" Festival opening event, in London's Hyde Park

Tokyo International Forum  - 1997 - Produced music event “The Power of Music” featuring Dave Stewart, Terry Hall and Bob Dylan

L’Orchestre National de France - 1988 - Produced live concert and TV/Radio programme entitled “Lorin Maazel Presents Noël à Paris” featuring Barbara Hendric & Geraldine Chaplin at the Théatre de Champs Elysées with Maitrise de Radio France

Mick Jagger’s World Tour  - 1987 - Coordinated  multi-screen stage design along with sponsorship 

Cassiopeia - 1985 - Managed Japanese number one Jazz/fusion group in Europe

Sir Yehudi Menuhin - 1983 - Coordinated Concert Tour of Japan

Live Aid - 1986 - Coordinated the fund-raising, sponsorship, and television broadcast for Japan as well as for Fashion Aid, Sport Aid and Fashion Aid

Kodo/Ondekoza - 1980 - Produced London performances of Japanese drum troupe



LOE Ltd wants to share its passion for sound and in recent years has collaborated with Fujitsu Ten to bring the unique Eclipse Masterclass series to educational institutions, using the ECLIPSE "Time Domain" speaker system

Eclipse Masterclass - 2011 - Produced film score performance in association with Fulcrum Point New Music Project and Columbia College Chicago, entitled 'Man, Woman, and the Beast Within'. This event was the 6th in the"ECLIPSE Master Class" series and was held at the Sound Stage of the College Media Production Center

Eclipse Masterclass - 2010 - Produced the 5th "ECLIPSE Master Class" for Columbia College Chicago at the College's Conaway Center. This event featured a performance by Award Winning Jazz Vocalist & Pianist Peter Eldridge

Eclipse Masterclass - 2010 - Produced the 4th “Eclipse Master Class” for Columbia College Chicago at Harold Washington Library, presented by Eddie Kramer and performed by the Claire Stahlecker Band, students of the College 

Eclipse Masterclass - 2009 - Produced the 3rd “Eclipse Master Class” for Osaka University at the Hills Bread Factory venue in Osaka, performed by the graduates from Berklee College of Music, Boston

Eclipse Masterclass - 2009 - Produced the 2nd “Eclipse Master Class” for Berklee College of Music, at Trinity Church Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Eclipse Masterclass - 2008 - Produced the 1st “Eclipse Master Class” at Osaka University Nakanoshima Centre performed by Maestro Francesco D’Orazio and Master Rokunobu Kineya

Eclipse Masterclass - 2004 - Produced Masterclass at the Royal Academy of Music with Iain Ballamy, Stian Carstensen and Ashley Slater

Eclipse Masterclass - 2002 - Produced Masterclass at the Royal Academy of Music with Randy Brecker